Adequate delivery of all kinds of mushrooms.

Preserved mushroom page

Funghi Farms produces large quantities and all qualities of white mushrooms. These mushrooms are produced for industry use (frozen, blanched or conserved). Two modern production plants allow Funghi Farms to supply around 350.000 kg of mushrooms on a weekly basis. Funghi Farms is able to supply every quality of white mushroom in any quantity in a quick manner as well as processed industry mushrooms. Funghi Farms’ supply can vary from freshly harvested to processed end products depending on a customers’ specific needs. Both production plants meet all required certifications for food production and food safety.

What can Funghi Farms deliver?

  • Whole fresh harvested mushrooms.
  • Fresh harvested mushrooms in slices.
  • Conserved, blanched or evacuated mushrooms.
  • Frozen mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be supplied in cans, pots, polybags, buckets, wooden crates or any other packaging that our customers demand. All sizes are available at Funghi Farms, and as mentioned before, big volumes are no problem!

Would you like to know more about Funghi Farms or do you have questions regarding our mushrooms, please feel free to contact us via the contact information stated at the top of this page.

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